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Click on the links below to view some of our Stop Payday Predators graphics.

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Cartoon - Graphic - Store vs. Bank Payday Loan

Cartoon - Payday Borrowers Want Reform

Cartoon - CFPB Second Birthday Accomplishments

Cartoon - Infographic

Cartoon - Payday Loan Debt Trap

Stop Payday Loans Button

Arkansans Against Abusive
Payday Lending logo

Payday Loans Don't Pay -
Cost by Type of Credit

Cartoon - How a Payday Loan Can Get a Borrower Into Trouble

Cartoon - Payday Lenders - Never Mind

Cartoon - Were Not Sharks

Cartoon - The Squeeze - Attorney General McDaniel, Payday Lenders, Customers

Cartoon - McDaniel Cages Payday Lender Sharks

Cartoon - Loan Sharks

Cartoon - Senate Protects Loan Sharks

Cartoon - Dorsal Finned Lender

Cartoon - Payday Lender Vultures

Cartoon - Where EVERY Day is Payday

Cartoon - Shark Infested Waters

Cartoon - Payday Loans

Cartoon - Shark Glamour Photos

Cartoon - Loopholes

CRL - Reform for Loan Sharks - Don't Buy It - Outdoor 14x48

CRL - Reform for Loan Sharks - Don't Buy it Ads

CRL - Reform for Loan Sharks - Don't Buy it - Poster 18x24

CRL - Trapped in a Payday Loan Ads

CRL - Trapped in a Payday Loan - Poster 18x24